Words and Video by Amanda KW Jiang
Photos by Iso Aattrill

Photo 14-02-2019, 5 57 22 pm.jpg

The movie Trouble in Paradise alludes to the unexpected obstacles we encounter in supposedly idyllic situations. In the way that natural disasters occur, the balance of life sometimes falls off kilter even in its seemingly peaceful states. The film seeks to define the chaos that ensues within human nature and natural world environments. Through the religious archetype of the fallen angel, we are led through the intense and garish world of sexual liberation at an extreme default.

Michael Peacock, otherwise known as Sleazy Michael, is a 61 year old male escort working and living in London. His motto “U R WHAT U WEAR” highlights his eccentric style and persona and is reflected in his search for harmony between the masculine and feminine. Michael plays his own muse in Trouble in Paradise, transmitting his ideals of fashion and liberation from within an artificial space. His beauty and eccentricity can only truly be appreciated in paradise of his own design. Celebrating his Galliano long johns and rubber mankini, the film is an ode to his colourful and oversaturated world where there are no longer any boundaries between the wonderful, the obscure, and the grotesque. 

Directed by Amanda Jiang
Starring: Michael Peacock
Footage: Jakrin Von Bueren
Sound: Josh Truscott 
Assistants: Matilda Hutchinson Rick Sliwinski Alvaro Navarro
Special Thanks to: Jonathan Van Botchway Saskia Wong Madison Wells