“Polished” is a series of photos focusing on the drag and club kid scene in Los Angeles.  I have been documenting LA’s queer nightlife party scene for about 2 years but it was after seeing performances at some lofts in Downtown LA about a year ago that made me want to make a zine about it. There was a fundraiser event going on that night for the victims and victim’s family of the Orlando shooting tragedy at the Pulse Nightclub. There was a lot of emotion behind each performance that night and it was very inspiring to watch.  It was the first time I was able to see how much preparation and creativity goes behind each outfit and performance.  I really got to see the artistic side to each individual and that is what I try to capture in every photo. I have made a lot of friends through this series of work and I want to be able to share their stories and imaginative minds. They have all added to my imaginative flow and have pushed me to grow as a creative.  I plan on making this an ongoing series of zines and eventually have a few volumes based out of New York. - Serge Serum 2017