Photos and words by Chip Morton

I've been riding bikes since I was about 12. It was natural that when I started shooting photos I would also shoot bikes. It really wasn't until around 2005 that I shot racing with a sort of look that interested me. I'll usually try to go to a couple if the West Coast rounds of the National Motocross or Supercross series. Dirt Rider and Racer X have been kind enough to run some of my stuff in the past. I was also featured in Shots Magazine in their "Portfolio" issue, #110. (Shots is a member-sported journal of black and white fine art photography.) I really try to shoot differently because I want to show motocross in a different way.; a way that seems to reflect its raw, brutal nature, but at the same time is somewhat poetic. Sort of like a savage monster that kicks your ass, steals your wallet, and the runs off with your girlfriend, and then buys you a drink with your own money. My personal bikes are a well-used and flogged 1994 Honda CBR-600 F2 and a Kawasaki KX500. That fucking 500 is a handful!!!!!I still get out and race the occasional SRA GP. Lots of fun!!! Remember, you don't get too old to ride bikes, you get old when you stop riding!!! -Chip Morton