By Joey Castillo


So this is my 2nd installment for ANIMALS MAG, and I can't tell you how honored I am to be doing this! 
Last couple months been crazy busy with work and pleasure...

1st off, I shot over to Japan with the Homies TRASH TALK For a week of shows and total insanity!!! Shows were just straight up LIT!!! I've been to Japan many times but these shows were RAGING!!! Great fans and amazing bands we played with!!! This was also a trip for their pop up store for BABYLON/ OFF WHITE collab. Hella good times, and honestly my favorite band to play with! Also, TRASH TALK JUST DROPPED the new EP "TANGLE" I played drums on You can download for free at it's RIPPIN!!!

From there I flew straight to do a massive video game launch, with a  bunch of great guys in Anaheim, for about 5000 people! The band consisted of myself, Dave Navarro, Dave Kushner,Scott Shriner,and Chester Bennington and 30 piece was tight!!!

After that it was straight on a flt to Chicago for closing day of Riot Fest to see the 2nd and possibly last show ever of the MISFITS REUNION,And HOLY SHIT WAS IT AMAZING! If not just seeing the 3 of them together again on stage wasn't enough, the set list from beginning to end was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! To hear those songs one after the other with the entire festival singing every word! Was mind Blowing!!! So Stoked for my bros! They KILLED IT!!! Let's all pray they do a world tourπŸ™πŸ½

From there jumped a flt home to check out BLACK SABBATH At the HOLLYWOOD BOWL!!! This was the last time they'd be performing in LOS ANGELES, truly a night to remember from one of the GREATEST BANDS OF ALL TIME...


The next day I started rehearsals with Zakk SABBATH for a month long tour w/ stoked to be out with an amazing band and bunch great guys!!! The tour is just about done, and we wrap up in NYC For a ZAKK SABBATH Headlining show in BROOKLYN AT SAINT VITUS BAR!!! If you can make it to any shows between now and then, cmon out!!!! Until next time, KILL FUCK PLAY!!!βš‘οΈπŸ‘ŠπŸ½βš‘οΈ