This video was directed and produced by trans artists and a majority queer crew. Director AJ Strout had the following to say about the video:

"The “Almost There” music video is a psychedelic exploration of the feelings of isolation or distance that result from the human tendency to privilege perception over concrete rationalism. Because our understanding of ourselves is subjective, it is flawed, and often times cynical. As a result, we doubt our potential, sometimes never realizing that our only obstacles are ourselves. Reflecting this, the sense of nearly but never arriving is ever present in the video as the subject attempts to reach a nebulous goal while ironically tying and suspending itself over a tub of viscous liquid. An interpretation of being one’s own obstacle, the subject wears a restricting and reflective suit that makes it impossible to see itself clearly. Likewise, even when the subject faces itself, it does not see clearly, and instead attempts to consume what it has already manifested. Throughout the video, the subject attempts to lead it’s being out of its self-imposed prison, at times literally, as it pulls it’s body from one shot to the next, using the ropes it is tangled in. The black liquid that eventually the subject must escape from serves as a metaphor for the dark places we go to when we feel unable or unwilling to let go of our biased interpretations of a reality that only exists because we activate it ourselves."