Fellow Los Angeles resident, and prolific, excellent street photographer Kris Kirk has made a wonderful new book. It's called '2016', and it's a compilation of his favorite images shot during 2016. 

Kris has a clever, open-hearted approach to shooting life in California. His work is in the lineage of good street photography from the last 60 years. Kris has that street photographer's ability to notice the unexpected in an otherwise unremarkable scene, and incorporate into the frame in a conversational way. Looking at Kris's photos makes you want to do a better job of looking at the world. His photos remind you of the richness of everyday life, and make you feel just a bit more okay being a human. 

'2016' is now available. It is 265 pages laserjet printed black and white images from all of 2016, glue bound, with die cut and stamped cover, housed in a 4 sided screen printed box. Limited to 50 and hand numbered. Foreword by Ami Komai. Available at www.kris-kirk.com. Don't be stupid, get yours now.